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Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale Dental emergencies can happen on a weekend, holiday, or after hours. Please call or contact us immediately. *Prescription medications cannot be called in without an exam, diagnosis, and current medical history*
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Dental Emergency Care Scottsdale

Potentially adverse circumstances often arise during times outside of normal business hours. This is especially true when people encounter some type of dental emergency. In such situations, said individuals desire to find a walk-in dentist capable of alleviating their pain and other associated symptoms.

Types Of Dental Emergencies

Practically everyone has experienced mild to moderate tooth discomfort or some other notable physical manifestation in or around their mouth. However, these issues are often short-lived.

That said, when such maladies are severe, tend to recur, or are accompanied by other alarming symptoms, prompt evaluation may be indicated. Dental care providers maintain certain concerns usually warrant closer and immediate assessment including:


Oral care professionals caution patients that bleeding is never a good sign. Said occurrence could suggest the presence of gum disease. In some cases, blood in saliva might be symptomatic of oral cancer. Regardless, the presence of blood in the mouth should be quickly evaluated.


Moderate to serious presentations of gum disease or damaged teeth could result in infections like abscesses. In addition to pain, these events cause other unpleasant occurrences, such as fever, swelling, redness, and even difficulty performing routine actions like speaking or chewing.

Additionally, infections could threaten one’s general health. These illnesses are capable of spreading to other bodily regions causing appreciable sickness.

Extreme Pain

Mild toothaches that come and go are not uncommon and are not usually considered dental emergencies. However, should severe, disabling discomfort occur, the afflicted subject may have a serious underlying problem warranting quick evaluation and aggressive treatment.

Tooth Damage

Any type of acute tooth damage is considered a dental emergency. This includes teeth unexpectedly falling out, loosening, or experiencing damage like scratching or chipping. Such issues can be problematic on several counts.

First, said events could precipitate significant discomfort and limit one’s ability to talk, eat, or even open their mouth. Moreover, said maladies might be indicative of a major underlying concern like gum disease or some other systemic ailment.

Sores That Do Not Heal

Every now and then, it is not uncommon for an individual to encounter occurrences like cold or canker sores. That said, these maladies usually dissipate within a few days to possibly as long as two weeks.

However, growths that do not heal, worsen, or present along with additional symptoms, like discomfort, bleeding, swelling, raised body temperature, or physical manifestations impacting other body regions could be a sign of some serious lurking illness such as a dental abscess, diabetes, or possibly even cancer.

Unexplained or slow healing sores or wounds should precipitate even greater concern and inspire prompt assessment in subjects who currently engage in vices like cigarette smoking or excessive alcohol intake or once did so.

Dental Work Damage

Dental work like fillings and crowns are typically inserted to protect or replace damaged or missing teeth. Ergo, if these objects loosen or incur harm, the health and safety of one’s mouth could become compromised.

An emergency walk-in dentist can remediate these items or readjust or reinsert them before potentially serious complications like discomfort or dental infections occur.

Traumatic Mouth Injury

Persons involved in traumatic events including car accidents and falls experiencing any type of mouth issue should receive an emergency dental evaluation. Occasionally, the severity of traumatic injuries does not appear until many hours to several days following such an event.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Completely preventing all dental emergencies could prove challenging.

However, subjects might reduce their chances of encountering such unpleasant, possibly life-altering events by practicing good oral hygiene, receiving routine professional dental care, and limiting or eliminating dental health-impeding vices like smoking and drinking.

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