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Dental Crowns and Root Canal

So you just had a root canal and everything feels great with your tooth now. The root canal specialist placed a filling in to the tooth and you think you are done with fixing the tooth, right? So why do you need a dental crown after a root canal? After a root canal, the tooth becomes de-vitalized, which means it’s basically a tooth without a nerve and blood supply. A root canal tooth will have a higher probability of suffering a fracture due to its weak condition. This is why a crown is indicated after a root canal. These are actual case photos for educational purposes:

Here is a tooth that had a root canal. Unfortunately, the patient procrastinated after having the root canal completed. The patient eventually cracked the tooth in half and had to get the tooth extracted. The patient is now planning for a dental implant.

Another molar that was sensitive to chewing. The patient had the root canal completed just 1 month before. It was unfortunate that this tooth had a complete fracture rendering the tooth unrestorable. This molar had to be extracted.